About Kenwood Karate

Why learn at Kenwood Karate?

Many karate schools focus on “sport” styles that teach a low-contact, tournament-oriented style. Kenwood Karate instead focuses on striking and self-defense techniques, and teaches how to end a fight quickly and retreat safely. Sensei Steve has (x) years of experience teaching both children and adults.

Who should learn karate?

Everyone should! Many students worry that they are too old or too inexperienced to learn karate. Kenwood Karate welcomes all students, of any age, gender, or fitness level. The only goal is to learn and improve. The only age requirement is that children must be able to focus on the lesson for one hour, which is usually around 4 or 5 years old, but depends on each child’s development. There is no upper limit on age.

What will I do during my first class?

First, you will receive your gi (karate uniform) and white belt. The very first lesson will be how to tie your belt!

During the first class, you will learn karate basics, such as how to form a fist,  the basic foot stances, and how to move forwards and backwards in fighting stance. You will learn the proper way to punch and some of the basic blocks.

How do I sign up?

Come to our dojo at 4411 Kenwood Ave, Baltimore, MD 21214 a few minutes before class begins in order to meet Sensei Steve. There is a one-time $30 fee for your gi (karate uniform), which is immediately yours forever. Classes are a monthly subscription at $50/mo. You can attend both Saturday and Sunday classes, or either, as your schedule allows. Preferred payment: check made out to “Steve Jansen”.


Sensei Steve Jansen standing in white karate uniform and black belt.

Sensei Steve Jansen